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07 July 2010

Family of Morris David Rosenbaum and Abigail Harriet Snow

Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine
Vol.II published in 1911
by The Deseret News Press of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Edited by Anthon H. Lund
Page 152
In this chapter, each of the children of Lorenzo Snow are given with their spouses and children. This lists Abigail Harriet Snow with her families.

06 July 2010

House numbers in Fordon

We know that Morris David Rosenbaum was born in Fordon, Poland. Even though the records of Birth, Marriage and Death from Fordon don't cover his birth, his own writings give us that information. However, from those records, we do obtain the house numbers of some of his family members.
  1. Oser Oser (brother-in-law of Hulda Rosenbaum Oser, sister of Morris David) house #78
  2. Berta Hirsch Barnas (wife of Jacob Hirsch, possible neice of Sarah Barnas, Morris David's Mother) house #45
  3. David Rosenbaum and Helene Rosenbaum (Morris David's father and sister) both died at house #126.
  4. Schaie Jacob Rosenbaum house #213

1880 United States Census

In the 1880 United States Census of the Territory of Utah, we find Morris David Rosenbaum. He is living in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah. The census which covers parts of 2 pages is shown below. The first entry is his family with first wife Alice and the second is with wife Abigail.

1860 United States Census

In the 1860 United States census of the Utah Territory, Morris David Rosenbaum is listed at living in Farmington, Utah with his first wife Alice and daughter Sarah.

05 July 2010

Abigail Snow Rosenbaum

This a picture of Abigail Snow Rosenbaum, that appeared in a brochure for Brigham City actresses.