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11 December 2009

Death of David Rosenbaum (1797-1857)

David Rosenbaum, father of Morris David Rosenbaum, died on 22 Jun 1857, in Fordon, Kingdom of Prussia. He was 60 years of age. (FHL film #814575)

Death of Sarah Barnass Rosenbaum(1799-1874)

Sarah Barnass Rosenbaum, mother of Morris David Rosenbaum died in Fordon, Kingdom of Prussia on 20 Jan 1874 at the age of 75. (FHL film #814575)

Death of Alice Neibaur Rosenbaum (1842-1914)

Alice Neibaur Rosenbaum first wife of Morris David Rosenbaum, died on 13 Mar 1914 in Brigham City, Utah. She was born on 22 May 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois the daughter of Alexander Neibaur and Ellen Breakell.

Death of Abigail Harriet Snow Rosenbaum (1847-1914)

Abigail Harriet Snow Rosenbaum, second wife of Morris David Rosenabum died on 9 May 1914 in Brigham City, Utah. She was born on 16 Jul 1847 in Pisgah, Iowa. She was the daughter of Lorenzo Snow and Harriet Amelia Squires.

Morris David Rosenbaum - Cattleman

There is very little information known about his ranching. he may have simply provided the means to aquire animals and let someone else handle to work of handling them. Other than the fact that he registered this brand, there are only a few passages in his writings that discuss owning any kind of animals. He writes;
1865 This spring I send 4 teams of my oxen to Boise City, Idaho loaded with flour, butter, eggs and (?) and returning lost 12 head of Mules at Rock Creek.

10 December 2009

From Fordon to San Francisco

As young man in Fordon, Morris David Rosenbaum got his first training at being a business man. An early entry in his life story says "1844 At the age of 13, I went clerking in a store and stayed there nearly 6 years."
After arrival in New York, he again turned to the business skills he had developed in his youth. He writes further "1850 After resting a short time I bought a few dollars worth goods and went out peddling with a basket in the outskirts of New York. This was at first a very hard task, as I could not talk nor understand the English language, but after a few weeks, I got along very well."
At this time Morris then continues his journey. He travels dowm the Hudson River to Catskill and returns to New York, from there to Philadelphia, and he continues down the through the eastern and southern states before arriving in New Orleans. From New Orleans, Morris then booked passage on the Steamer "John L. Stearns". After travelling through Havana, Aspinnal, Panama and Acapulco he arrived in San Francisco.

His Family

Morris David Rosenbaum was born on the 11th of July in 1831 in Fordon, Kingdom of Prussia. He was the only son of David Rosenbaum and his wife Sarah Barnass. What little we know of his parents we get from his journal, where he writes
"My Father was a hard working man and generally occupied in trading. He was a man of good morals and he executed himself dilligently by example as well as preceipt to instill into the mind of his children every principle of honesty, honor and virtue.
My Mother was a very good and pious woman, and devoted a good deal of her time in explaining the Bible to her children, especially to myself her only son. She was President of a charitable institution and her spare time was occupied in visiting the sick and needy, administering to their needs.
As my parents were of the Jewish faith, I was sent at an early age to a Rabbi to study Hebrew in connection with the common school which I attended for 6 years in succession."

Morris David was the oldest child, and the only son. He had six younger sisters. They were in order of birth; Fanny, Hannah, Lenah, Ernestina, Minna, and Huldah.

Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah Cemetery

Morris David Rosenbaum was buried in the Brigham City cemetery in Brigham City, Utah. His grave, located on the south side of the cemetery near the sextons office, sits just east of the grave of his second father-in-law, Lorenzo Snow, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Life in Utah

Wedding photo of Morris David Rosenbaum and his second wife Abigail Harriet Snow.

His Writings

Sometime after his arrival in Utah, Morris David Rosenbaum begins writing down stories from his life. There is not a great deal of information before his arrival in the United States, in fact it appears as if he is just summarizing in a few paragraphs things that may have taken years to happen. Once he arrives in Utah the information seems to be much more current. The years he spent as a missionary are almost daily thoughts.
Hopefully his writings which he title The Life and Times of Morris D. Rosenbaum will be transcribed here shortly.

Arrival In America

When he was about 19 years of age, Rosenbaum left his native land for America, travelling first to Hamburg by rail, then in a sailing ship to America. The trip took 74 days.
The ship's register shows that on 8 Aug 1850 the sailing ship Ellen arrived from Hamburg with 67 people on board. One of those was M. Rosenbaum Clerk age 19. The original is easier to read on a microfilm reader. It can be found on FHL film #175447.