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10 December 2009

From Fordon to San Francisco

As young man in Fordon, Morris David Rosenbaum got his first training at being a business man. An early entry in his life story says "1844 At the age of 13, I went clerking in a store and stayed there nearly 6 years."
After arrival in New York, he again turned to the business skills he had developed in his youth. He writes further "1850 After resting a short time I bought a few dollars worth goods and went out peddling with a basket in the outskirts of New York. This was at first a very hard task, as I could not talk nor understand the English language, but after a few weeks, I got along very well."
At this time Morris then continues his journey. He travels dowm the Hudson River to Catskill and returns to New York, from there to Philadelphia, and he continues down the through the eastern and southern states before arriving in New Orleans. From New Orleans, Morris then booked passage on the Steamer "John L. Stearns". After travelling through Havana, Aspinnal, Panama and Acapulco he arrived in San Francisco.


  1. I have an electronic copy of the whole journal if you don't already have it.

    1. Hi Gary - I'd love to receive the electronic copy of Great-Grandpa's journal.

      Look forward to hearing back from you soon.

      Thank you!