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06 July 2010

House numbers in Fordon

We know that Morris David Rosenbaum was born in Fordon, Poland. Even though the records of Birth, Marriage and Death from Fordon don't cover his birth, his own writings give us that information. However, from those records, we do obtain the house numbers of some of his family members.
  1. Oser Oser (brother-in-law of Hulda Rosenbaum Oser, sister of Morris David) house #78
  2. Berta Hirsch Barnas (wife of Jacob Hirsch, possible neice of Sarah Barnas, Morris David's Mother) house #45
  3. David Rosenbaum and Helene Rosenbaum (Morris David's father and sister) both died at house #126.
  4. Schaie Jacob Rosenbaum house #213


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