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22 June 2012

Morris David Rosenbaum on FamilySearch

In the last few days there have been changes made to the website. While they may not change the way you research your family, those of us related to Morris David Rosenbaum will find the changes very exciting. The front page of the website (shown below) has not been changed.

However, if you go to the bottom of the page on click on the word about, you will be led to a new page.

That new page, which is shown below,  guides you through the process of starting your family research, and also introduces the user to FamilySearch. On the page the user will find that Morris David Rosenbaum's picture is used as the link to show FamilySearch's vision.

What a great joy it will be to be able to view that picture whenever we want, and to know that our great great grandfather is being used as a portal to help others.

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