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10 December 2009

His Family

Morris David Rosenbaum was born on the 11th of July in 1831 in Fordon, Kingdom of Prussia. He was the only son of David Rosenbaum and his wife Sarah Barnass. What little we know of his parents we get from his journal, where he writes
"My Father was a hard working man and generally occupied in trading. He was a man of good morals and he executed himself dilligently by example as well as preceipt to instill into the mind of his children every principle of honesty, honor and virtue.
My Mother was a very good and pious woman, and devoted a good deal of her time in explaining the Bible to her children, especially to myself her only son. She was President of a charitable institution and her spare time was occupied in visiting the sick and needy, administering to their needs.
As my parents were of the Jewish faith, I was sent at an early age to a Rabbi to study Hebrew in connection with the common school which I attended for 6 years in succession."

Morris David was the oldest child, and the only son. He had six younger sisters. They were in order of birth; Fanny, Hannah, Lenah, Ernestina, Minna, and Huldah.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this... I too am interested in M.D. Rosenbaum, and this has been very helpfull...

    My Name is Joshua Burke, son of Karin Nelson, Daughter of Joan Bernice Rosenbaum, Daughter of Morris Dewayne Rosenbaum, Son of Morris Snow Rosenbaum, Son of M.D. Rosenbaum... My GGGGrandfather...

    What can you tell me, if anything about their lives in Fordon/Bydgoszcz, and their faith...?